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Welcome to Mission Midwest!

Welcome, friend!

You’ve reached a mission at its very initial stage, one which I hope will achieve multiple goals. As the tagline suggests, I intend for Mission Midwest to become your source for timely reporting and thoughtful commentary on life and times in Midwestern America. My focus is local, but my perspective is regional. In my approach to this project, my ultimate motivation is to explore my fascination with, and appreciation for, an area of the United States that is so often misunderstood and misrepresented yet taken for granted all the same.

Much of what Mission Midwest produces is carefully curated content. Within The Bulletin, you’ll find more traditionally news-focused posts synthesizing content from a variety of sources. There are individuals and organizations throughout the region who are “on the ground,” reporting on issues and developments in their communities. Rather than compete with them, my aim is to aggregate the most noteworthy of this reporting into an insightful sampling of regional developments. You’ll find that this collaborative spirit informs my approach throughout the website.

In the same vein, I also intend with Culture Spotlight to highlight the products of Midwestern creatives across a variety of media. These posts include reviews and interviews as well as up-to-date information on regional showcases of Midwestern art in its many forms.

The Fountain contains reflection pieces and longer-form commentary articles. Frequently these posts consider the meaning of the region as a cultural construct—The Midwest as an idea as much as a location. The Fountain also contains Clara’s Corner, a collection of opinion pieces authored by Clara van der Loefkin, angel investor in Mission Midwest, Ltd. Co. whom we are contractually bound to retain as a member of our editorial board (and whose op-ed articles we are likewise obligated to publish).

Finally, our Leisure section features the lighter aspects of life in the Midwest. Here you’ll find thoughts on recent news in sports as well as regional tourism information and travel ideas.

Please also read Our Promises to You, in which we outline our operating principles with you, the reader, front-and-center as our most important partner. As you’ll find, at Mission Midwest, we believe that respect is entirely mutual. Without your support, our mission would come quickly to an end.

Many thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll bookmark Mission Midwest and check back weekly for updated content. Please also connect with us on social media and watch for our forthcoming e-mail newsletter.

Sincerely yours,

Terry Foor

Founder and Publisher, Mission Midwest

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