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Mission Midwest is your source for timely reporting and thoughtful commentary on the news and culture of the Midwestern United States. We are a digest of the most insightful coverage of events and developments from across the region. We are also a space for critical reflection on the issues and ideas that shape the character of this vibrant, complex part of America.

We believe that respect is entirely mutual. In this spirit of reciprocity, we offer the following promises to you in exchange for your readership.

  • Accuracy in reporting

Perhaps now more than at any time in recent memory, “the truth” is a complicated notion. Debates over what constitutes “facts” pervade our national discourse. Unfortunately, these debates are often engaged toward self-serving ends. We promise to report in good faith, to present our knowledge of events and circumstances without the aim of deception or treachery.

  • Balance and levelheadedness in commentary

Many commercial media outlets appeal to their audience’s sense of outrage and operate with the intent to manipulate information to such an end. We reject this perverse orientation to journalism. Here you’ll find op-ed pieces that are calm, cool, and collected, that respect your intelligence, and that acknowledge the divergent perspectives that a controversial issue can elicit.

  • Transparency in advertisement

Mission Midwest occasionally partners with other entities to promote goods or services that we feel our readers might appreciate. We clearly demarcate all such sponsored content. Furthermore, our sponsors do not exert any influence on our news reporting or our editorial content.

Mission Midwest is a product of Mission Midwest, a Limited Liability Company which is solely responsible for the content found on this website. For more information on sponsorships and other collaborations, or to submit suggestions for content, please visit our Contact page.

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